This probiotic rich Elderberry Syrup with Concentrated Beet Kvass is the perfect thing to keep your gut healthy and your immune system rocking!


Dose: 1 Tablespoon per day for prevention, and up to 12 per day for symptoms.


Elderberry is a proven, potent, cold and flu remedy and preventative!

  • Is an antioxidant powerhouse- Higher ORAC value of all berries!
  • Has antiviral effects- it actually stops viruses from being able to enter your cells and replicate!
  • Stimulates the immune system

The antioxidants in Beet Kvass stimulate glutathione, your body's main detox molecule!

Elderberry Beet Kvass Syrup, 32 Servings (PRE-ORDERS ONLY)


    Kelly Dearie M.A.

    *Inspired Health for Foodies

    *Creative Cultures ®  

    *6 Weeks Gut Health Transformation

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